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Foot Pain

We know when our feet hurt, we hurt all over.

Introducing Beltlee's Pro Stretching Strap, a unique stretching aid that assist in the treatment of calf, feet, heel, thigh, hip and lower back strains and injuries.

Foot Pain Relief

Stretching Strap for People Who Suffer from Foot Pain

A stretching strap is much more beneficial for those who suffer from foot pain. It feels perfect for pulling back on the toes with this stretcher; it feels like it pulls away plantar fasciitis from the foot. The stretching strap provides relief from foot pain.

  • It is suitable for those suffering from plantar fasciitis because polyester cotton material is in it, which is highly comfortable.
  • The footpad having (24 multiply 13.5 cm) is very useful for sol comfort.
  • One can apply effective stretch to plantar fascia, calf, hamstring, and quads because of flexibility.
  • Easily useable for persons even when they are in a lying position or for patients
  • It is handy for easy stretching of the Achilles.

1.   Benefit for ankles:

By daily usage of stretching strap, it gives an exercise to stretch feet and ankles. Increasing movement of foot and ankles keep persons effective by accelerating their range of motion. So indirectly, it also provides resistance against plantar fasciitis.

2.   Beneficial for Bone and Achilles pain:

In long bone or bone, a regular motion may cause foot pain by stress fractures. Using this tool in daily life makes it easy to remove those stressful fractures, just like therapy. Therapy without any helping device may be difficult but adding this strap into physical therapy helps correct bone and Achilles postures.

3.   Giving a youthful feeling:

As stretching strap proves as a pain resistance, however, regular exercise increases stretching of the leg and provides stability, making your muscles more active than before. Its regular usage resists the bone from friction by increased lubrication of ligaments, tendons, and joints, preventing bones from any immediate injury.

4.   Provide effective body movement:

Pain relief is not only for pain relief but adding this strap into daily exercise helps open closed muscles, giving more mobility advantage. If you are suffering from any injury, it is of much use for you as it helps to recover from any fracture by providing physical therapy to hips, thighs, calves, quads, and toes.

5.   Comfort usage and walking effectivity

This product's actual benefit is that it is easy to use and carried efficiently. Wherever you go, just put it in your bag and if you got tired or suffered from any foot pain, pick it out, and after doing a ten-minute exercise, you will again feel relaxed, and yes, get ready for another walk.


The stretching strap hits not only your arches and joints but also your calves. Being available in comfort material can easily fit your foot, allowing for an equal stretch just like other muscles. No matter how bad plantar fasciitis is, a stretching strap is always of great use to push away that pain and useful for regular maintenance.

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